This is a fan-made website. We are not related to Motion Twin (the creators of Hammerfest).

The caverns of Hammerfest - The parallel dimensions

Help Igor in his adventure!

Save your progress

Eternalfest allows you to automatically save your Hammerfest progress everytime you login. Your items and best scores are safe. Every maintenance period is accompanied by the risk of technical problems causing the game to be closed. Since the March 2017 maintenance, a couple of features of Hammerfest no longer work: game credits, rankings, some old forum pages, and so on. Pioupiouz was an old Motion-Twin game (the creators of Hammerfest) that suddenly closed on February 27, 2013, following a maintenance that went wrong. Thanks to Eternalfest, you can now create a save and be sure that you won't lose your progress.

Share your profile

Eternalfest offers you an improved profile page that allows you to share how many items you have. You can send your personal link to other people and show off the details of your collection! Playing on several servers? Good news, you can associate your french, english and spanish accounts with the same profile! We're also planning to add statistics and an upcoming integration with Twinoid, Motion-Twin's gaming platform.

What next?

In addition to the profiles, we also want to make a backup of the forum. It's a central element of the Hammerfest community and it's important to protect it. We're also thinking of taking care of the ranking's backup, and even resume its updates if the official ranking still isn't repaired. Besides our objectives regarding Hammerfest backups, we would like to offer a bit more to keep the game alive, but we're keeping it a surprise from you. ^^

Who are we?

This website was made by La Cachette des Carotteux (The Carrotian Council). We are a small group of diehard Hammerfestians. Our goal is to encourage the activity of Hammerfest players and maintaining the community. It's a game that we like a lot and that's why we're setting up a lot ot projects to preserve it. Learn more by visiting the Eternalfest thread on the french forum.