This is a fan-made website. We are not related to Motion Twin (the creators of Hammerfest).

The caverns of Hammerfest - The parallel dimensions

Help Igor in his next adventures!

Eternalfest is a website that picks up the torch of Motion-Twin's platforming game Hammerfest. This is a fan-made project created by Demurgos, Moulins, Maxdefolsch and a dozen other players; although it is an unofficial project, Motion-Twin approved the use of their game for non-commercial purposes, and their own websites point to players towards the Eternaltwin platform, which gathers community efforts to preserve their web games.

Hammerfest continues

On November 2, 2023, after more than 17 years, the official Hammerfest website (as well as all the other old Motion-Twin games) closed its doors. But don't panic, you'll still be able to continue your progress as if nothing had happened on Eternalfest! The original game is available there, complete with its fridge and quests system. If you were able to archive your Hammerfest account and link it to your Eternaltwin account using our tools before the end of the game, you can simply keep playing on our website. For the latecomers, we still saved the public profiles of every player; it is therefore possible to partially reconstruct a "minimal fridge", and as long as you remember your username, we can assign to you your Hammerfest account manually instead of forcing you to start again from scratch.

New content

Despite the strong demand for new content, Hammerfest got its last official levels in 2007, adding up to a bit over 300 levels. A number now dwarved by Eternalfest: over 70 lands and 5000 new levels created by us, new enemies, new items, new game modes, and even mods and completely novel mechanics... Our only limit is that of our imagination! Take a look at our official trailer for a preview of how far we pushed the boundaries of the original Hammerfest!

Next steps

This project is still at an early stage. Our plans for the future are to improve interfaces for quests, items and rankings, provide a public level editor, and create even more content.

Learn more

If you want to chat with us, join the Hammerfest Discord server. You can also check our YouTube channel.