This is a fan-made website. We are not related to Motion Twin (the creators of Hammerfest).

The caverns of Hammerfest - The parallel dimensions

Help Igor in his next adventures!

Eternalfest is a website to play user-created levels of Motion-Twin's platforming game Hammerfest. This is a fan-made project created by Demurgos, Moulins, Maxdefolsch and a dozen other players; it is not officially endorsed by Motion-Twin.

New content

Despite the strong demand for new content, Hammerfest got its last official levels in 2007. Eternalfest brings the largest content update for Hammerfest to all players. We have thousands of new levels, new enemies, new items, new game modes, all for free. We regularly release new content. You can log in with your official Hammerfest credentials and start playing now.

Save your progress

We automatically backup your progress on the official version when linking your account. The official website had some major outages over the years and lost some features, it is no longer actively maintained. If the official website closes, your items and best score will still be safe thanks to this backup. You can also share your profile with other players: it provides improved statistics on your progress.

Next steps

This project is still at an early stage. Our plans for the future are to add support for quests, provide a public level editor, and create even more content.

Learn more

If you want to chat with us, join the Hammerfest Discord server. You can also check our YouTube channel or visit the Eternalfest thread on the french forum.